Essay on Salt : A Salt For A Long Time

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People have been consuming salt for a long time. Salt is an important flavoring. People can get some sodium and iodine from salt, but consuming too much salt is harmful. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that people should consume less than five grams of salt per day because consuming too much salt will increase blood pressure, cause heart attacks and increase cancer rates. All of the governments should educate citizens to intake less salt. Some countries have already tried to use different methods to tell citizens to eat less salt.
People have a long history of salt consumption. Mark Kurlansky, an American journalist and writer of general interest non-fiction, notes, “Salt is present in almost every part of the human body and the fluids it produces, from tears to semen to urine” (Kurlansky 15). Humans simply cannot live without it. In China, people eat different kinds of salty foods: bacon, pickles, and instant noodles. This has become part of the culture in China. For example, during spring festival, families kill a pig for celebration and use salt to make fresh pork and bacon. Jinhua ham is one of the most famous types of ham in China. Xiaoqing Chen, a graduate of Communication University of China who majored in social media, writes, “Jinhua ham originated 1,000 years ago in the Song Dynasty because it easy to store. People use Jinhua ham to be rationed in the war” (Chen 4). So, in China, people like to eat salty food, and this also makes Chinese people…

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