Safety For The Legality Of Autonomous Vehicles Essay

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“Safety for the legality of Autonomous Vehicles”


Cars is one of the necessities that most people need to reach their destination faster and comfortable. Automation companies or manufacturers now a days are developing a new type of car that people can use even if they don’t know how to drive a car, they called it Driverless car or Autonomous vehicle. It is one of the new and advanced kind of innovation in modern world, which can be classified also as a robot. This new innovation will soon be use by most of the people around the world. But before it will be distributed to the public, there are sets of requirements to comply, like the safety and security of the passenger inside and the people outside of the vehicle when it is in use. Benenson et al (2008) said “Safety is an important issue of driverless car. Yet, most current approaches fail to ensure safety even in a fully informed situation.”(p.515).

The aim of making this new technology is to lessen the accident that occurs on the road that mostly due to human error. As it was stated by Kirkpatrick (2015) that 90 percent of accidents happened in the world was due to human error, and in some cases it is due to mechanical error. It is one of the concern that manufacturers and developers are dealing since this new technology uses computer system to drive on its own. According to Kirkpatrick (2015) “The driverless cars of the future are likely to be able to outperform most humans during routine driving tasks.”…

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