Saad Omer 's On The Vaccine Skeptics : A Summary And Analysis

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Saad Omer’s “How to Handle the Vaccine Skeptics”: A summary and Analysis In his New York Times essay, “How to Handle the Vaccine Skeptics”, Saad Omer discusses the growing number of outbreaks of diseases once believed to be eradicated. In his article he shifts his gaze to parents who do not wish to vaccinate their kids for nonmedical reasons, most of which he believes are basing their arguments on “false notions like that of a link between autism and the measles vaccine” (Omer).
Omer then focuses on how to reduce the number of nonmedical vaccine exemptions. He argues that creating laws that make it impossible for parents to acquire nonmedical vaccine exemptions won’t work, and will only lead to a strong backlash from the anti-vaccine community. Instead, Omer introduces several different methods he believes will be the most effective in reducing these nonmedical exemptions. One solution he suggests is to make sure parents are accurately informed about vaccinations by reputable sources, letting them know about the risks of not vaccinating, both for their child and the people around them.
Omer also advocates for more lengthy procedures be set in place for those who attempt to obtain a nonmedical exemption, including a more thorough and lengthy review process. If parents do obtain a nonmedical exemption Omer feels that parents with unvaccinated children should be held responsible for keeping those kids home during an outbreak. He concludes his essay by stating that…

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