SWOT Analysis Of The Walt Disney Company

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INTRODUCTION The Walt Disney Company, known today simply as Disney, first open its doors in the 1930’s as a small company with larger than life aspirations. Disney began as a hand crafted animation studio, with significant successes in the cinematography department based off of fairy tales and folklore. Movies like Cinderella, Snow White, and Peter Pan (Walt Disney, 2016) brought Disney into the forefront of its industry. In addition to movies, the company created some of the most memorable characters in history, including Donald Duck, the Wicked Witch, and most notably Mickey Mouse. From this gigantic beginning, Disney has grown into a large, diverse empire with holdings in a plethora of many markets, such as theme parks, hotels, television companies, and cruise lines around the world (Walt Disney, 2016). The company opened its signature theme park Disneyland in 1955 (Walt Disney, 2016). The Disney Channel, Disney’s signature television channel on most cable and satellite systems, launched in 1983 (Walt Disney, 2016). By 1983, Disney began expanding its media empire, first to Tokyo and then to France with Euro Disney in 1992 (Walt Disney, 2016). With both additional theme parks being considered failures, Disney began to shore up its customer basis with the purchase of Miramax Film Corporation in 1995. Disney would later sell Miramax is to 2010 …show more content…
By doing this, it is possible to give a “strategic evaluation of the Walt Disney Company to provide an opportunity to examine various factors affecting the ability of the company to meets its fiscal objectives” (David, 2013). This evaluation will help engage in the process allowing management to objectively identify, and examine its SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis to it can maximum profits and minimize losses (David,

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