Coffee Industry Analysis Essay

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Analysis of Finland
Market size for Caffe’ Vergnano
Finns are known as the world's most heaviest coffee-drinkers. Within 5.4 million inhabitants consumed per-capita stands at 12 kilograms of roasted coffee and 13 kilos of green coffee a year - putting the country well ahead of Norway, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Austria and the United States. GDP in Finland is 270.67 billion US dollars in 2014, which represents 0.44 % of the world economy. That is considered to be high level of income, which satisfies one of the success criteria.The first people used to drink coffee were Finnish from upper and middle class who stick with European trends. During the 19th century coffee-drinking gradually broaden to lower social classes and more rural
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With the current statistics saying that about 12 kilos per person are consumed by the average Finn per year. While there is a large amount of potential for coffee sales here, the Finnish have had an issue with the coffee market being almost “maxed out”. Since there are several competitors, in order to get a market share above the competition strong marketing and quality coffee will have to be the main factors when it comes to selling the brand. There is a total of 4.4 million potential coffee drinkers available for the coffee market to make sales to. With close to 7.3 million pounds of coffee bring imported compared to the 46.4 million pounds that are roasted within Finland, the market for imported coffee still has a potential to be tapped into. Because coffee is such an important part of the Scandinavian lifestyle, there needs to be special care taken for companies that are moving into the coffee market from the outside. Only the Finnish market accepts the highest quality coffee and they have a tendency to prefer the lighter roasts of coffee. In order to ensure that the most popular type of coffee makes great sales, the main espresso types being sent to Finland should be the Dec and the Lungo e

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