SWOT Analysis: Business Analysis Of Ford Motor Company

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Register to read the introduction… Ford explains that although the economy has declined, they have the cash reserves to avoid bankruptcy. Ford brings to light that the automotive industry is interdependent and that the collapse of one company can cause Ford to collapse as well. Ford understands that due to the economic downturn and the collapse of General Motors, a new plan needed to be created and implemented quickly. Ford’s strategy begins with combining all four markets in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Costs could be reduced once all companies are operated identically thus, changing the scale that the company had been operating with several years prior. Ford has also developed fuel efficient products such as the Ford Escape, Fusion, and Fiesta. These vehicles were designed to attract consumers in a high cost fuel settings such as Europe, South America, and the United …show more content…
Based on information gathered in the SWOT analysis, Ford’s strengths outweigh the weaknesses. The strengths and opportunities that Ford has to expand through a diversified product base, strategic investments into the Asia Pacific market put them in a position to overcome the weaknesses and threats of product recall and intense price competition. The current data such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow charts have proven that Ford’s strategic business plan is moving forward. Another key element that helped me make this decision was the role that human resource management has in the evolution of this company. By cutting costs within the company and maintaining the idea that the company must operate as one unit gives me comfort as a mutual fund manager that all departments within the company work together cohesively. Ultimately, Ford has backed up their strategy by implementing tactics to further develop a product that will take the company into the future, meeting the demands of consumers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Ford’s outlook and the data that proves that the company is moving in the right direction makes this company a worthy investment. Through the complete overhaul the company has made, investors have much to look forward to regarding the return on their

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