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  • Case Study: General Operator Position At Dupont

    schedule, including ability to work overtime, holidays, weekends, and on short notice call. ♣ Working experience of wearing personal protective equipment. ♣ Ability to lift 10 lbs. frequently, 25 lbs. regularly, 55 lbs. occasionally; and perform necessary physical requirements of the job. ♣ Great interpersonal skills, excellent oral, and written communication skills. ♣ Extremely well-organized, excellent multi-tasking abilities, and proven ability to handle confidential information. ♣ Excellent research and data gathering ability, analytical skills, and problem solving/troubleshooting skills. EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science, (August 2016), Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA 23284 US Major: Psychology Relevant Coursework: Application of Statistics, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Experimental Methods, College Algebra, Writing & Rhetoric Workshop, Biological Science Laboratory I & II. WORK EXPERIENCE: Pre-Sales Representative 05/2010-07/2013 PepsiCo Richmond, VA 23223 ♣ Responsible for sales and account management of strategic retail and food service accounts. ♣ Negotiated and sold in partnership contracts in a large assigned territory. ♣ Obtained additional territory daily while maintaining above standard sales numbers. ♣ Provided superior customer service and assistance to a high-volume customer base daily. ♣ Applied independent judgment to resolve client issues promptly and efficiently. ♣ Engaged in effective communication with clients…

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  • Business Unit 24 M2

    A business can make better and more informed decisions by estimating the results, businesses can also better predict the outcome of their decisions. Faster decisions can be made by using sensitivity analysis as well. By going through many scenarios of various decisions, a business plan can represent your strengths when using a sensitivity analysis. Answers to questions by future investors or potential opportunities can be answered when using sensitivity analysis. Excel also as applications and…

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  • Visual Basic Object Oriented Programming

    the true object oriented programming environment. Visual Basic is an object-oriented language which is also considered as an event driven language. Visual basic was derived from BASIC. BASIC, Beginner 's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, was created by Professors Kemeny and Kurtz at Dartmouth College in 1963. It was built to teach people how to code. Visual basic was created by Microsoft in 1991. It is a lot faster to write code as it had a graphical user interface. Objects could be drawn…

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  • Easy Code Collaboration Paper

    will allow developers to have an internet based code development environment which allows for projects to be compiled and ran online on an internet browser. In addition to this, the application will have access the user’s microphone and webcam…

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  • Reflection: How Communication Is Important In Human Communication

    Communication is very important in human civilization history and it has been developed until today so that people will know the best and efficient way to deliver messages to the audience. Generally, people used to think that speaking is the best way to communicate to other people, however for me, speaking is not the only best way to communicate to the people because we can send our ideas or message to other people by using many different ways. In this class, I was taught to have good skills of…

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  • Self-Representation In Digital Media

    Arts2095 - Individual Research Project - Snapchat Digital media has 3 distinct modes of self-representation; written, visual and quantitative (p1). Each of the modes of self-representation creates different meanings in their own individual way. Each self-representation platform exists for the same reason, but consists of different affordances for people, as they have different preferences of self-representation. These self-representation platforms differ from fitness tracking applications to…

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  • The Importance Of Eye Tracking

    An eye tracking study was led to assess particular outline highlights for a model web entry application. This product serves autonomous web content through discrete, rectangular, client modifiable portlets on a page. Each of seven members explored over numerous pages while leading six particular assignments, for example, expelling a connection from a portlet. Particular trial inquiries incorporated whether eye following inferred parameters were identified with page succession or client…

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  • Brain Plasticity In Phantom Limbs

    Brain Plasticity refers to the ability of the brain to change its structure or functions by changing the neural connections. Real life evidences such as Paul Bach-y-Rita‟s father‟s recovery after stroke, increased gray matter volume in London taxi drivers‟ hippocampus, etc. have supported the theory of neuroplasticity. This paper also discusses the applications of brain plasticity. Some of these include restoration of vision, recovery from brain injury and working of Brain Computer Interface and…

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  • Snap Chat: A Brief Summary

    injuries made local and national news. When reported by NBC nightly news hosted by Lester Halt, the story seem to make headlines because of the popular application and it’s filter “Snap chat”, and when it was reported by Tampa Bay Times it seemed to make headlines because of the multiple fatalities that happened amongst a community. Television and newspaper have emerged as two types of popular mass media. How can the same story tell two different stories? Watching the NBC Nightly News,…

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  • Jackson Pollock's Pictorialism

    pictorial space and in the end the meaning of the work as understood by the artist/viewer. In this writing a discussion on the relevant aspects of this modernist perspective will be mentioned in respects to artist such as Jackson Pollock and Barnett Newman. Greenberg and Fried both respond to the art appearing in this time in key terms of visual response and visual effects onto the viewer. In respects to this idea an artist such as Jackson Pollock is a clear example of how medium specificity…

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