Health Crisis In Canada

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SARS as a disease that was spreading fast through the contact of the mucous membrane, the Public health of Ontario must had to face many challenges, because not had preparation and a plan to respond to the outbreak immediately, by the overcrowding of the health facility, inadequate controls to prevent transmission of the disease, the lack of laboratories to carry out an effective investigation about the disease and its causes to allowing avoid major risks. (Arnold, 2009) An emergency department needs to have a standard operation, and planning that will allow effective management, and continuous evaluation of the emergency situation, the lack of policies to control and meet the emergency caused by the disease was one of the challenges more …show more content…
as another measure of prevention The CDC quarantine officials took care of everything of coming from China. Other measures that could be taken in the health crisis in Toronto, were that the jurisdictions outside Toronto could protect travelers to prevent infection, had been recommended to CDC to the travelers were to protect themselves from contracting the disease before embarking on means of transport such as ships and aircraft
In the same way the jurisdictions could give information about the disease in the different local canals from each of them, with the public informed the fear of traveling to Toronto had been reduced ,and avoided the economic lost in Toronto , on the other hand also could take other measures of prevention as providing gloves and mask nose to the travelers, to prevent the spread of disease (Dmytrenko,
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The creation of a Team that would have helped to have a review of the houses, also would have avoided that infected patients don 't seek immediate medical attention, and remain in their homes without being treated and exposing others to the contagion of the disease.
The SARS was a health crisis that left losses of life, business and was a great impact negative in the sector of tourism in the country.
The health systems need to focus on to renew the health system by increasing the resources, improving the management of cooperation between the agencies public and private organizations, because these enhancements would help prepare for future disaster.
In Toronto the politicians not have interest in the achieve most butter for the sector health, and prevention which must be before high-risk diseases such as SARS (Campbell,

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