Russian Revolution Analysis

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(All of the people are in King Louis’s Castle in a big room. There is a table in the middle that Charles Darnay, Mr. Defarge, King Louis 16, Robespierre, Locke, Rousseau, Jean Paul Marat, Stalin, Lenin, Monsenguir the Marquis, Rasputin, Nick II, and Alexander III are sitting around. There is a banner that say Revolution conference. King Louie 16th starts the conversation,)

King Louis 16: (Tapping his glass) Everybody, we are here today to talk about the Social contract and to discuss the guidelines to be a citizen because both the French revolution and the Russian revolution were both affected by it greatly.
Rasputin: (Standing up) Can I talk first, I had total control over all of Russia.
Nick II: No you did not, (to Rasputin) you over exaggerated every single detail. I had total control the whole time even if I was off at the front of World War I.
Rasputin: Your wife said “And guided by Him we shall get through this heavy time. It will be hard fighting, but a man of god is near to guard yr. boat safely through the reefs - little Sunny is standing as a rock behind you, firm and unwavering (Pg.70, reader). (Sits back down)
Locke: (To Rasputin and Nick II) It
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(Everyone yells yes) Number 1. Rule a backwards country, then use the three pillars of rule which are russify, artocracy, tied to the church, then rule a country with revolutionary movements and let the prisoners talk to each other. Emancipate serfs but do not give them land, next lose a war to an underdog, when people come for help shoot them. Nice one Nick. Then when you lose a war go to war in the balkans and get embarrassed, next depend on other countries for money. Get involved in a horrible war and then become the leader of the army even though you are not a general. Of course, you will like this Rasputin (Looks at rasputin) come from a line of diseased people and get your son cured by a crazy man. (Everyone claps and

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