Atlantic Revolution Case Study

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Atlantic Revolutions in a Global Context
¥ From the mid-eighteenth century to the mid-nineteenth century, a series of uprisings shook states and empires from Russia to China and from Persia to West Africa.
¥ There were several aspects of the North American, French, Haitian, and Spanish American revolutions that make them distinct and clearly part of the Atlantic Basin.
¥ The intellectual impact of the Enlightenment created a trans-Atlantic print culture, wherever ideas were changed and debated.
¥ John Locke (1632–1704) argued that humans should create “social contracts” between the people and also the government.
¥ The Atlantic revolutions all shared a strong democratic impulse and outcome.
¥ While, with the exception of Haiti, all the
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¥ English settlers in the Americas identified with England and English culture.
¥ They enjoyed the freedoms of life in a land with no hereditary aristocracy, no single church and economic opportunities stemming from plentiful land.
¥ The wealthy elite dominated the high politics and higher sectors of the economy.
¥ There were various ways for poorer members of society to both make wealth and participate in the decision.
¥ England initially ruled with a rather light hand and they developed an increased sense and practice of autonomy.
¥ England was dealing with war debts from its various imperial conflicts, raised taxes and established various tariffs to come up with revenue.
¥ The Americans were equally incensed by both the new taxes and the notion that they were being unjustly imposed by the English government.
¥ They saw England as violating their popular sovereignty.
¥ Tax resistance and ideas from the Enlightenment fused together in an anti-English revolt.
¥ The revolution lead to more men getting the vote.
¥ Political power remained within the hands of the white male
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¥ The province was home to 500,000 slaves from Africa.
¥ 40,000 whites partitioned between made.
¥ 30,000 free blended race.
¥ Each bunch comprehended the French Revolution amid a very surprising way, and each group was suspicious of the others.
¥ As bits of gossip develop, an enormous slave revolt ejected with manors blazed and numerous whites slaughtered by pernicious slaves.
¥ As France lost administration of the state, the various groups molded armed forces and local armies and battled for a considerable length of time amid a progression of ridiculous engagements.
¥ Seeking to require favorable position of the case to understand some point of preference in their supreme battles with France, United Kingdom and European nation attacked.
¥ Haitian pioneers talked clearly of avenging the time of pilgrim subjection.
¥ The unrest served as a picture of seek after option slaves in the area however as a genuine cautioning to slave property holders in the

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