Running Head: Rapid Ethnographic Assessment Essay

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ANTH 350 7980 Health, Illness, and Healing (2158) 11-19-2015

Stage 1: Ethnographic Assessment
An inventory of health/illness related product in the household In an ordinary household, it is common to find medication, medical devices, and or food supplements associated to a specific health-related condition or illness. An assessment of my household reveals the following products:
Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Pottassium, iron
Cough syrup
Blood Pressure Monitor
Hearing Aid
Weight management magazine
First-Aid Guide book
Organic cook foods
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Health-Seeking Behavior *
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In the morning, it is easy to see the disturbing effects of air pollution as the morning sun struggles amid the smog. The rusty roofs are also evident of the extent of the pollution. The community believes that the air pollution is responsible for the prevalence of respiratory complications such as asthma. * Regardless of the pollution, the community strives to maintain a clean environment. The garbage is collected every week and the streets are cleaned on a daily basis. Once a month, the community members engage in community service activities that includes cleaning the roads, garbage collection and pruning of trees and flowers. The exercise guarantee a disease free community. * The local government also works with the local health agencies to provide wellness programs. The wellness programs involve provided the public with free medical check-ups on a half-year basis.The program enables individuals to measure their weight, their BMI, their sugar level, blood pressure, and overall health.The program also provides individuals with nutritional and health management advise. * The community is also blessed with numerous hospitals, health center and community health facilities that guarantee access to health services

Common Cold Infection in the Family * Three weeks ago, my mother came down with a cold after being rained on during a trip to the mall.The next day, she woke up with a

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