Essay on Rubric Defense : Don 't Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Rubric Defense: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

How does one recall their favorite book for everyone it is different. For me it all comes down to visualization. Being able to see what is happening in my head during the story either makes or breaks it. I am a visual person who always seems to attempt to see the deeper meaning. In order for an author to catch me is to give me something to work with so that their words create a moving picture. There are few who are able to do this for me but when they do I binge on their writing. Patricia Briggs, Charlene Harris, and Dean Koontz have that ability to my liking. Of course a good title and dustcover play a role in my choosing but what it ultimately comes down to is being able to escape reality. This rubric will judge how the author uses words paint a picture and help me escape my daily life. For time is the one thing that we cannot replace and for me to continue to read a book it needs to keep my attention spark something within me to truly buy my time.
For this rubric I have broken it into five categories: COVER (10%), PLOT (25%), CHARTER DEVELOPMENT (25%), SETTING (25%) and IMMERSION (15%). Having good visual reference to story to include usage of color will determine the Cover score. The ability for the author to use visualization as well as being able to develop a clear idea of where the story is going fall in all areas of critic. Being able to develop characters that are believable through description. Paint the picture,…

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