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Chapter 11 Industrialization Part A

1. In creating contracts, both parties should perceive that the contract that they are entering into voluntarily is beneficial. What do the Maquiladora laws do for Mexico? How do the laws benefit both the USA and Mexico?

2. Why does the author say that the term “Industrial Revolution” is misleading?

3. In our last unit we learned that the Second Agricultural Revolution was the result of many new techniques and tools, not just the steam engine. Other than the steam engine, what techniques, patents, policies… contributed to the Industrial Revolution?

4. Why didn’t the Industrial Revolution diffuse rapidly from Britain to
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12. When considering an area’s site advantages, CEOs look at per acre land values, electricity cost per kilowatt hour, and amenities. What amenities would East Cobb offer?

13. Is Rubenstein biased for or against the role of unions in the changing distribution of the USA’s textile factories? Cite evidence to back up your opinion.

14. What factors pulled the high-tech industries to Silicon Valley?

Chapter 11 Industrialization Part C

Page 393 “Industries Need Prozac” 
1. What factors have caused the demand for manufactured goods to plateau out in the MDC?

2. Why have the steel factories in the MDC become unprofitable recently?
3. Why are the Canadians unhappy with their country’s car assembly plants’ multiplier effects compared with America’s?

4. Name the three most significant trading blocs in the world today and circle the one(s) that place trade obstacles on the other blocs’ exports.
5. Why do many large corporations assemble the products inside the country in which they are sold? Several answers are required.

6. Describe the variety of ways the EU tries to lure industry to the less developed parts of its member states.

7. What was the “old international division of labor?”

8. How is the “new international division of labor” different from the old?
9. What is an EPZ and how would Karl Marx feel about them being located in areas with very cheap labor?

10. How would Adam Smith respond to Karl Marx’s

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