Royal Malaysia Police Case Study

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Before Royal Malaysia Police were introduced, a police force has been existed since Malacca Sultanate which known as Temenggung and Hulubalang, or royal warriors in order to build jails, arrest criminals and implement sentences. The police force establishment has no exact time because its services were very important back then. Only on 24th July 1958, the King of Malaysia (Tunku Abdul Rahman Ibni al-Marhum Tuanku Muhammad) bestowed the title Royal to the Malayan Federation of Malayan Police (RFMP). Then, in 1963, RFMP, the North Borneo Armed Constabulary and the Sarawak Constabulary were merged to form an official Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) and it comes under federal administrative jurisdiction body.
As the world changed rapidly, the Royal
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Based on the case study, we have found that if a man was caught in accusation of rape case, the first thing is PDRM will remand the accused person before the legal court takes the actions. During remand detention, PDRM will interrogate the criminal and when the legal court took over the case, they will implement the criminal law to the accused person. For the criminal undergo the procedure of the legal court, PDRM will handle the criminal case until the legal court took over the case. So, we can see that there is a very big connection between PDRM and legal court. Let say if there is no PDRM, what could we do as a society? The criminal will be free as the legal court cannot sue the criminal because there is no proof that says the criminal is guilty from the authority.
The main basis of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) under section 3 (3) of the police 1967. Basically, it is related to department in PDRM.
• It is for the sake of national sovereignty and prosperity duties of police.
• It is to maintain the law and order.
• To maintain peace and security of our
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Police had difficulties in the investigation of various crimes, including the relevant evidence in order to ensure victory in the corner of the prosecution. Moreover, the police are trying to deal with perceptions and attitudes to be more concerned about the authorities' efforts to prevent and combat crime. The attitude of the people, who declined to be less concerned about appearing as a witness to the incident also raises the difficulty of the investigation. The reluctance of people to appear as a witness in the cases, is caused due process the prosecution took a long time before sentence is passed. Plus, people like to spreading rumours on social media and make media statements are not well informed about the police. The police have sacrifice their lives for the sake of society, peaceful of the society an also the security of the society. One of the big challenges is the police have to deal with the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, websites and blogs that spread and accuse when a lot of information inaccurate but motivated persecution and accusations. Other than that, it indirectly erodes public not to trust the police to do their job. The objective of the Royal Malaysian is to ensure the good image of RMP and also to increase people’s confidence towards RMP to do their job effectively. RMP also increase their action against corruption to ensure the

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