How Did Rousseau Contribute To The Romantic Movement

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Contribution of the following eras and philosophers
Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712_1778)
Romanticism stresses subjective experience and the uniqueness of each individual. Rousseau has been called the father of the Romantic Movement because of his "enthusiasm for nature and his appeal to the emotions
• Jean Jacques wrote a few articles for encyclopedia and also some music and poetry. Rousseau published four important books named as New Heloise (1760), Emile (1762), Social contract (1762) Confessions (1781).These books had a great impact on European thinking and highly influenced the Romantic Movement.
• He believed that human nature is basically good. Children are born with a conscience and is later on corrupted by society.
• He believed that
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• In 1908 he revised the scale he modified and added tests, also arranged them according to age levels from three to thirteen.
• The Binot-simon scale is highly popular because of its easy application.

Clinical Psychology Movement
Lightner Witmer (1867-1956)
Lightner Witmer was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He is the first one who coined the term "Clinical Psychology."
• Witner first used the term "clinical psychology" in 1907.
• He also worked with the father of psychology Wilhelm woundt.
• He was the first one to operate a psychological clinic.
• His very first clients were children with behavioral and educational problems.
• He viewed clinical psychology similar to a many of other fields such as medicine, education, sociology, involving aspects of treatment, education, and interpersonal issues

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Movement
Hugo Munsterberg (1863-1916)
Hugo Munsterberg was a American-German psychologist and was among the first in the field of industrial (I/O),Experimental and clinical psychology.
Munsterberg greatest contribution

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