Eulogy For Jus Finch Essay

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We are here today to remember a very good man by the name of Atticus Finch. I am Scout Finch, Atticus’s daughter. I am very honored to be given this chance to speak at his funeral. Atticus Finch was a wonderful Father to me and Jem. Not just a wonderful father but also a good and generous person. He showed us the good in people and helped us try to understand the world we live in. He was a different type of father for Jem and me, but he was the best father we could have asked for. He taught us to care for our family and friends no matter how mad they made us. He taught us right from wrong. We learned so much from him, and I know for a fact I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without his great influence and everything he has taught me. He believed in the goodness in people and giving everyone a chance no matter what their religion or race was or how poor they were. He once said to me that “most people are nice… when you finally see them”. He believed that there was good in every person and sometimes we …show more content…
Everyone deserves equal rights. Many of you here today knew Atticus as a great friend or relative. Jem and I are thankful enough to have had him as our father. When we were just little kids we were not very close with him. He cared for us and kept us together as a family. He was not the type to hug us, kiss us or tell us he loved us. Instead he went to great extremes to make sure we were safe and happy. He taught us that this was the true way to care for someone. Whenever Atticus made a decision we always had faith that it was the right one. When he used to tell us off we would be angry at first but then we trusted that he had reasoning for it. I was a curious and naïve girl and sometimes neglected to think of how other people may be affected by my actions. Atticus helped me to understand how my actions may affect

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