Rosenwinkel: Article Review Essay

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Rosenwinkel: Article Review
BUS 611 Project Planning and Management
December 16, 2013

Rosenwinkel: Article Review
This paper will attempt to provide an overall review of the Rosenwinkel article ‘Project Plans in The New World’ article and compare it to a project in which this author was a member. It will discuss two “People Variables” and two “Project Variables” from the article describing the complexity of the project in which this author was a member. Last, this paper will provide a summary of how this author would change the management of the project based on the items in this article.
Rosenwinkel Article Rosenwinkel emphasizes the purpose of a project plan and reasons that a project plan may not be
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Personal Project The project was during the time this author was working on toward an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, and was assigned to a team that had to build a childcare center to present for a final grade. This project was assigned by the instructor without anyone being assigned as the leader or project manager of the group; therefore the first decision to be made was who would take charge of this project and assign members the different tasks that would need to be done. Which brings us to the first “People Variable”: Is the owner an expert in all aspects of the project? No. At the start of this project there was no owner. It was only after the decision and voting process that there was a leader for the group. With this said on the first “People Variable” it scores a 10= non-expert owner because the person who was voted as the leader had no more connections to a good network of other experts to draw on or technical skills as the rest of the members on the team. This brings us to the second “People Variable”: How closely do the skill-sets that are needed for the project match the skill-sets of the people assigned to the project? This variable scores a 1=all required skill-sets are represented on the project team. We all basically had the same skills in the area of what was expected through educational means; however, we did differ in creative thinking, wording and demonstration, as well as the

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