Probation Offenders Essay

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Probation Shortfalls in Virginia Within the Virginia Department of Corrections is the Community Corrections office whose goal is to provide public safety, ensuring that the public is “free of danger, injury and damage caused by those who choose not to obey the law” (Virginia Department of Corrections, n.d.). Probation officers take on a great deal of responsibility in supervising probationers. Virginia Code 53.1-145, provides powers and duties of probation and parole officers. As an officer who is to supervise a probationer, the officer is to ensure the offender is housed, is offered and or placed on a substance abuse treatment program, and provides a written statement of probation to the offender. Concerns of whether or not a probationer will adhere to the probation terms is warranted. Many citizens may not think twice that a person is on probation, but those who keep an eye out for an offender would mostly likely be the victim. Community and Victim safety is predominately the number one concern for a Corrections Department. Offenders may be more inclined to revert back to their old ways, such as a person who received a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) would go back to drinking or using drugs. It is difficult for a probation officer to manage their case load, especially when an officer is located in …show more content…
Re-entry programs are focused on as well as the incarceration rates. Correctional facilities in Virginia have programs that are intended to promote and educate offenders to develop life skills, mentorship, and provide necessary community resources for those incarcerated who will be discharged from serving their court ordered sentence. Other programs involved are designed to provide “employability skills, career assessments, and budgeting and financial management” (Hull, Forrester, Brown, Jobe, & McCullen,

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