Rosenbaum Yeshiva Of North Jersey Essay

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Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey (RYNJ) is an Orthodox Jewish private school located in River Edge, NJ catering to children ages three to fourteen. The school is graded from pre-k until eighth grade. A majority of the students reside in neighboring towns, where there is a highly concentrated Jewish population. Many live in Teaneck, Bergenfield, and Englewood; and some commute from Manhattan and Riverdale. RYNJ has a dual curriculum academic program focused on learning Jewish studies in the morning and learning secular studies in the afternoon. The school provides a quality, mainstream education, but also offers Sinai, a program specifically geared for children with severe disabilities. RYNJ provides special services for all children, as needed. Some of these services include resource room, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Classes are taught in a gender specific environment, with three to four classes of boys and three to four classes of girls per grade. The overall population of the school is a little over one thousand students. The school has a very welcoming atmosphere. When walking through the halls everyone says “hi” or gives a smile. When entering the class, I feel the same warmth from the teacher and the students.
The student being observed will be referred to as Jacob in order to maintain his privacy. Jacob is a seven year old, second grade student. He is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but on the much higher end of the spectrum. Jacob is taken out…

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