Rose For Emily Symbolism

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“A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner was published in 1930. Some other works by Faulkner are The Sound of Fury and As I Lay Dying. Faulkner is commonly known for writing stories that are set in the south and all of his stories include and obscurity that results from an unusual circumstance. Faulkner often writes about the Yoknapatawpha county and the town of Jefferson and thing that happen in the society. “A Rose for Emily” is about a woman who is never allowed to have relationships with men until her father passes away, then she starts a romance with a Northern man, which can be ‘forbidden’. Her fear of losing him takes over and she poisons him and keeps his body in her bed so they can be together forever. In the story, William Faulkner portrays all the characters as people who have been affected by death in one way or another. Faulkner includes many symbols in the story like the rose and the house. Faulkner depicts the theme as the passage of time and death throughout the story. William Faulkner in “A …show more content…
One symbol is the Grierson’s house. It is described as, “…a big squarish frame house that had once been white, decorated with cupolas and spires and scrolled balconies in the heavily lightsome style of the seventies, set on what had once been our most select street” (Faulkner). The author gives us the image of the house as an old, crumbling building that was nice at one point, but they stopped taking care of it and they just let it go. The house symbolizes Emily because after Homer ‘disappears’ Emily stays in her house and just let herself go. The inside of the house is portrayed as having a thick layer of dust on everything and it is tomb-like, which relates to Emily decaying and Homer’s corpse decaying in the upstairs bedroom. Critics say, “Emily’s house is described as decaying. Its contents are ‘tarnished’ and there is a cover of dust on everything”

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