Theme Of Insanity In A Rose For Emily

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Register to read the introduction… The room is like a “tomb furnished as … a bridal” (86) suite. Among the items found in this room is the toiletry set and clothes that Emily bought for Homer some forty years earlier. But the most disturbing thing that the townspeople find, is a man’s body that had “apparently once lain in the attitude of an embrace… [and next to him is a] second pillow [with] the indention of a head… [and] a long strand of iron-gray hair” (86). It is difficult for any person who is of sound mind and body to be able to understand why and how Emily could live all these years, not only alone in that house with a dead body, but sleeping in the same bed with it. However, if the reader considers this behavior along with Emily’s actions over the next forty years; he or she can see that Emily’s reality is not the reality of a sane person. …show more content…
Emily not paying her property taxes, not allowing the Post Office to do free home delivery and her refusal to except her father’s death proves that Emily cannot let go of the past and will not allow change. Her distorted perception of reality is proven by Emily’s murder of Homer Baron, keeping and sleeping with his dead body in a room of her house, and become a recluse shutting herself off from the rest of the world. The definition of reality is: the state of things as they actually exist. So, while the reader may believe that Emily perception of reality is distorted, according to its definition, Emily’s reality is not distorted at all, since in Emily’s mind all of this is actually the way life should

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