Roots Of Puritan Education

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The history of the Puritans began in England where education was a nuclear part of every family. The Puritans were very zealous believers of education, but the Puritans thought the Church of England needed to be reformed and to be rid of any Catholic influences (Kang). They left England in search of a place where they could practice their beliefs freely. They found themselves in Holland, but once they got there, the parents of Puritan children found them slipping away from their heritage. The group migrated to America so that they could teach their children properly (Blumenfeld). Puritan education was influenced by its doctrine and religious beliefs and implemented these beliefs and other works because Puritans wanted their children to gain salvation and to be very learned; it had lasting results in the Americas. …show more content…
which was the five tenets that John Winthrop expressed to other Puritans as one of their leaders. T.U.L.I.P. was an acronym that exposed the roots of Puritanism. These are total depravity of men, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and perseverance of the saints (Campbell). This has influenced education at the roots. For example, total depravity is expressed through the idea that “the assumed sinful nature of a newborn guided the intensity in which Puritan parents sought to save their children from the wrath of hell” (Wegenast). Total depravity is the idea that man is born sinful because Adam sinned. Puritan education was also influenced by the idea of Congregationalism in the church which was founded by William Bradford and William Brewster (Wegenast). The church was very self-serving this way which made a major contribution to education because it was centered on the Bible (Donnelly). These ideas are what shaped what was implemented in education for the

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