Southern Colonies Religion

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Religion is the Most Important Factor Accounting for Different Ways of Life Between the Southern and Northern Colonies. The nortthern colonies, the Puritans, lived a diffent way of life than the southern colonies, the Pilgrams. Many factors accounted for the differences in the ways of life between the northern and southern colonies, but the most important difference was religion. Although religion is the most important factor accounting for different ways of life between the southern and northern colonies, manufacturing and agriculture were influencial also. The Southern Colonies developed their farmland. Most Pilgrams “were farmers, poorly educated and without social or political standing” (Stein,102). They made a living by owning plantations …show more content…
Puritanism influenced the New England's way of living dramaticly. Puritan colonies having religious freedom was forbidden. They did not agree with the way the Quakers put stipulations on what they felt was necessary to do to please God, such as the reading of the Bible. They even went as far as to physically abuse the Quakers. Puritans did not condone other religions. They passed laws to make it where each resident would have the ability to read the Bible regularly. People that did not agree or partisipate would be punished. As for the Pilgram's, religion was not as “serious” as the Purian's. Pilgrams cared more about their tobacco plantations than their religion. However, “they did not want religious freedom because they feared that God would punish the entire community for the sins of a few”(Stein, 98). Religion shows this drastic difference between the Pilgrams and Puritans. Religion was the reason in which the Puritans went and sout after a new world. They believed that, “God had singled them out to lead mankind”(Stein, 117). There society was built based on their religion. Puritans felt as though they had a mission to reform England. They stayed within the Church of England. The founding of new colonies, in the New England settlement, were often founded because of religious differences. Religion was the most important influence on the development of different ways of life in the southern and northern colonies. The differences that these colonies faced gave life to traditions practiced

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