Four Freedom Speech Analysis

As Roosevelt gave his speech on January 6, 1941, there is slight doubt he was concerned about the threat facing his country. He believed the war being venture in Europe would eventually educe the United States in. Roosevelt knew the country needed to fit for conflict, and he needed the support of the American relations in these preparations. But many Americans were still resisting to joining the action. People across the land were debating whether the region should cover itself in a war that seemed so far away. Roosevelt’s inductive “Four Freedoms” speech employs Aristotle’s appeals of pathos and logos in an attack to rule the American public from its antiwar position.
Throughout the dialect, Roosevelt manipulates the crowd’s emotions by using
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But he also speaks to their pride by saying their region will surely be triumphant should it get involved in the combat. Near the end of the speech, Roosevelt utter perhaps his most graphic, fright imaginations. He solves the country’s enemies “solicit to create with the crash of a rust bucket.” He means the nation’s enemies are using force to constitute their own empire. Roosevelt makes this image even more disquiet by using the message crash. Rather than just dissolve that the United States’ foes will attack with strength, he invokes the sound of a bomb childbearing off. This strong language is purpose to constitute the listener afraid of the threat facing the …show more content…
Roosevelt promotes a new world system that is moral. He explains that such a society will be able to countenance loud “without apprehension.” In this away, he speaks to his listeners’ show by indicating they are a part of this maxim society. He further accusation to the pride US citizens have in their country’s history. He notes, “Since the beginning of our American relation, we have been involved in change—in a perpetual peaceful wheel.”
Roosevelt calls for the nation to be joined through this common purpose. He is attempting to evoke emotions of triumph in the visage of misery. He explains, “Our strength is our union of intend.” Finally, Roosevelt closes by affirming that Americans should feel proud of their nation’s goals. He states, “To that full universal there can be no end save victory.” Roosevelt declare the United States’ goal is so moral that even if it enters and loses the war, the country will achieve a maxim conquest.
Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” speech came at a dangerous time in US history. The region was locked in a vehement discussion near whether it should exhibit fight on the Axis powers or remain neutral. Roosevelt suppose it was age for the United States to mingle the war, but he required the American people behind him. By mixing fear with national lordliness and backing up his arguments with logical statements, Roosevelt companion a robust suit for

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