Essay on Ronald Reagan And The Soviet Union

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Prior to Ronald Reagan taking office in 1981, the Cold War impasse felt like a victory for the American people. However, Ronald Reagan did not see victory, he saw this stalemate as weak and un-American. Reagan’s new take on dealing with the Soviet Union can be summarized in two words: God and Freedom. With these two guiding principles, Reagan ditched dètente and got fellow world leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II to join with him against the “evil empire.” With the “renewal of conservative values” behind him, Ronald Reagan used the argument of “Freedom and God” to fight the totalitarian and godless Soviet Union. From the beginning of his presidency, Reagan broke the status quo of diplomacy with the Soviet Union. While recovering from his assignation attempt, Reagan not only found a regenerated love for God but a new maneuver in dealing with Soviet leaders. Instead of acknowledging and accepting their presence as a communist country, Reagan challenged the idea of letting your citizens lose civil liberties. In a letter to Leonid Brezhnev, Reagan puts forth that the notion of “having some control over [your] individual [life]…to be fairly rewarded.” is one all people share. While comparatively modest to his later declarations of freedom, Reagan always demonstrated he had a strong desire to take “containment” a step further. Across the Atlantic, Reagan’s closest ally, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was taking an even harder stance on the Soviet…

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