Romeo and Juliet Definition Paper

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English 9
Sweet Revenge

Vengeance is a major theme that is portrayed throughout the play, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. Vengeance has been a popular theme that has been used in many stories and movies for many years. For example the 2008 movie Taken, starring Liam Neeson, is about a CIA agent, whose daughter is taken, or kidnapped. He gets a hold of the criminal on the phone and promises him that he will find him and his daughter. Neeson eventually receives vengeance when he kills all of the bad guys and successfully saves his daughter. One simply cannot understand the true meaning of vengeance with just the denotative meaning. Examples from Romeo and Juliet, various comparisons, and multiple
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The sweetness of vengeance is the feeling of accomplishment within the person that has returned the hurt. The bitterness is receiving the blow from the opponent or enemy. Clearly, vengeance is like bittersweet chocolate because it has both a sweet advantage and a bitter disadvantage. On the other hand, the sweetness and bitterness of the chocolate does not only relate to the taste. It also relates to the overall impact of the chocolate. The thought of having chocolate stimulates the brain in a positive way, releasing dopamine. This is the sweetness. The bitterness is the impact and effect that the chocolate has after consuming it, unless of course it is eaten moderately or burned off. In the play, Romeo and Juliet, vengeance is illustrated multiple times throughout the story. The first example is when Lady Capulet is demanding the Prince for justice. He is a kinsman to the Montague; Affection makes him false, he speaks not true. Some twenty of them fought in this black strife. And all those twenty could but kill one life. I beg for justice, which thou, Prince, must give. Romeo slew Tybalt; Romeo must not live. (3.1.178-183)
Lady Capulet is asking the Prince to deliver justice to her since Romeo had just slain Tybalt. She wants vengeance by demanding that Romeo’s life be taken as well as Tybalt’s. She also accuses Benvolio of not speaking the truth just because he is a Montague. Despite the fact that

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