Romanticism, By Chris Mccandless Essay

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1: I think that romanticism is when a person or someone makes a situation seem better than it is. Romanticism would be taking a situation for what it is not and thinking that it is romantic, exciting, fun, or something that everyone should do. Romanticism is unlike realism in almost every way. Realism is when you take a situation true to life or for what it actually is. We are not always able to tell the difference between them. It seems like we would always be able to tell the difference but we can not. Chris Mccandless was not able to tell the difference between them because of works of fiction that he read. Some people may be able to or in certain situations people may be able to. Most of the time people are unable to and will chase the unreal expectations that they think are possible.
Chris Mccandless read literature that made going into the wild or into alaska to live off of the land seem romantic, exciting, or fun. The literature gave him unrealistic expectations and made him unprepared. “If Mccandless had possessed a U.S. Geological Survey topographic map, it would have alerted him to the existence of a Park Service cabin on the upper Sushana river, six miles due south of the bus, a distance he might have be able to cover even in his severely weakened state”(Krakauer 195-196). This quote shows that because of the literature he read he was not ready for the wild and was unable to find safety when he was in trouble. The effect that the literature had on him is…

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