Rocky Horror Movie Analysis

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This is not something they are used to seeing especially since Marcus has a very strong headed and assertive wife. So, it is clear that throughout each movie the main characters are confronted with unfamiliar traditions within these strange new cultures they are experiencing. Overall, there are many aspects of these cultures such as traditions, power distance, and in and out groups that are new to them and that they must adjust to throughout their time within them.
Lastly, I would like to compare romantic relationships within each of these films and how their communication led to either a strong relationship or the termination of their relationship and the stages they went through to get there. In the film Rocky Horror, Brad and Janet go through
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Brad and Janet begin to disagree with one another as soon as they enter the castle. This has most likely already been going on in their relationship if it is happening at the beginning of the movie. Janet pleas with Brad, “Brad, please, let 's get out of here.” She is clearly frightened and very much wants to leave. Brad however disregards her feelings and says, “For God’s sake, keep a grip on it, Janet.” He also tells her it is just a party and when she again begs to leave he says he does not want to interrupt them. He has very quickly stopped caring about what she wants and how she feels. He also becomes upset when Janet giggles after Frank-N-Furter introduces himself. Not too much later she expresses concerns again and he still basically tells her to deal with it. The negative differentiating is clear between them now and throughout the film. That night, they go to separate beds and when Frank-N-Furter individually tempts them with sexual experiences they are in emotional turmoil of what it would mean for their relationship but do not experience this for too long before they cheat on one another. This tells me they have moved to circumscribing pretty quickly. Even when Janet feels bad …show more content…
Brad is wondering what has come over him and even the way he is dressed and presenting himself has changed drastically since the beginning of the evening. Janet is very clear about her change as a person when she says, “My mind has been expanded” and she gives credit to Frank-N-Furter for this change, not Brad. Now that they have cheated on one another and drastically changed as people I do not see them furthering their relationship like they had planned. There is no clear resolution but it seems since they made it to the stagnating point in their relationship that there is likely no hope for them to come back together. In contrast, in White Chicks even though Marcus and his wife clearly begin to come apart they turn their relationship around and come back together. It is clear from the beginning of the movie that the negative differentiating began long before we meet the characters. The wife, Gina, is very untrusting of Marcus. She calls his boss to make sure he is at work and when he arrives home from work two minutes late she questions him about it and accuses him of cheating. She then goes on to tell him that they do not communicate anymore and that he does not pay attention or listen to her. Marcus tells her he wants to hear about her day

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