Rocky And Body And Soul Analysis

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Rocky and Body and Soul are both movies that fit comfortably into the boxing genre, a genre that has been defined by its typical pattern of the unknown boxer rising to fame, falling, and rising again. Leger Grindon encapsulates the commonalities of these movies and the boxing film genre in what he calls the “master plot” (Grindon 57). When Rocky and Body and Soul are held up next to the master plot it becomes evident that each fits in quite well, but each also has features that separate it from the master plot. As Grindon explains, “individual texts will select from, vary, or add to the routine formula, but the master plot incorporates the general expectations of the spectator and often supplies implicit information assumed by any particular film” (Grindon 57). Therefore, the significance of this is not …show more content…
This is necessary to show his complex and ever changing morality along the way. Charely is able to redeem himself from the immorality he had fallen into while in the middle of his big, final fight. He decides that he wants to win and doesn’t throw it, making a roaring comeback. This leaves it ambiguous whether he can live happily ever after or if he will get trouble for backing out on a criminal. This dabbling in criminal activity would be out of place in Rocky’s timeline of achieving the American dream. Through his hard work and training he is able to top the heavyweight champion and receive all the success he ever dreamed of. It is important to note that unlike Body and Soul Rocky is only shown in one big fight. This one big fight helps to exemplify the fact that this is the moment that he trains for, the moment that allows him to fulfill the American dream. Making it the only one presents it as a standout moment of success in his well-earned victory over Apollo Creed, complete with the picturesque image of joyfully celebrating with his sweetheart,

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