Romantic Love In Movie: Walk To Remember

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“There were all these women of high birth and there were these knights rushing around on their horses and they would admire the women from afar. Stories grew up around that—Lancelot and Guinevere being a typical one. The love poetry of that time was about this. The woman would ask for some task to be done, which could be trifling or it could be to go kill a dragon or something. And then there would be a reward, which wasn’t necessarily sexual, though sometimes it was.”
This quote is from the 11th century when the idea of romance was officially created when the world of the prince and the princess started. The fake romantic love in movies was created.
As a little kid, in movies you always see the nerdy girl get the hot joke, the guy races to the airport for the women, the friends with benefits fall in love and last but not least the poor person gets the rich and fancy bachelor.
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One of the best feelings that a movie can make you feel is love or at least happy and excited to one day find the love of your life. In a movie its so predictable who the person will end up with or fall for. The nerd and the jock, the best friends, the friends with benefits who promise not to get emotionally attached and then the poor and the rich couple. Walk to Remember is when Landon Carter the bad boy falls for Jamie Sullivan a nerdy, choir singing preacher’s daughter. They end up together because Landon does something bad and ends up doing a musical with her father doesn’t approve and they still end up falling in love with each other. 13 going on 30 when the best friends fall in love with each other a 13-year-old girl makes a wish to be successful and beautiful gets the wish wakes up and turns out she’s 30, she freaks out and in the end she figures out the only person who has been there for her was her best friend who has been in love with her. Last but not least the poor and rich couple when the women pretending

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