Cause And Effect Essay On Mean Girls

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Stacy and her friends have been searching Netflix for the last 10 minutes. Although they are bored out of their minds, they can't seem to find the perfect movie. They all seem to have different ideas on what to watch. Stacy wants to watch a comedy. Lilly a romance, and Rae craves something inspiring. They start to argue, but alas, they stumble upon the chick flicks. Now all they have to do is decide on which one to watch. This is not an uncommon scenario because of how loved these movies are. But what makes chick flicks so lovable? In order to be a great chick flick, it has to have a strong female lead, be humorous, and have a love interest.
Naturally, most of the best uplifting chick flicks have a strong female lead. For instance, in the
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The movie White Chicks, is funny because two African American cops cross- dress as two famous white girls to protect them from being kidnapped. This makes the movie funny because they go to great lengths to protect their secret of being cops. They don't just dress like the sisters, but they act like them and even become friends with their friends. This makes the movie great because it creates a comic relief in ones day and lets them forget about what is going on in their life and become pulled into the life of the undercover cops. Another example is in the movie Mean Girls, the high school in the movie is in the shape of a social dynasty of students. The most popular cliques in the school are always sarcastic and fake to each other, which can resemble people viewers may know in real life. This also makes the movie funny because it helps lead the storyline into more drama and eventually to Regina getting hit by a bus.In the movie, Miss Congeniality, Gracie Hunt, an FBI agent has to work undercover as a Miss United States Pageant contest. This makes the movie funny because Gracie often acts very masculine and would never be seen as a girly girl. This makes the movie enjoyable because the viewers get to see Gracie struggle through training and makeovers to sell the part as a contestant. The viewers can also relate to the movie because they may have been in a situation where they had to act differently than they …show more content…
In the movie Can't Buy Me Love, the most popular girl in school is paid to make her neighbor, who is the complete opposite than her, popular. As they go through the fake relationship, they find themselves falling in love which poses a question: is what others think is more important than their love? This helps make the movie great because it inspires the viewers to believe that even after many ups and downs the right person will always be there. It also teaches them that what other people think doesn't matter, as long as they are happy, life will figure its way out. The movie Grease, is a musical based on two teens who fall in love in the 60’s. After an amazing summer together they have to break up because Sandy is moving away. When they see each other again, they start to have many problems and miscommunication, but they always find their way back to each other. Lastly, in the movie Legally Blonde, Elle's life has completely changed by the end of the movie because she finds herself, loves her life, and then also finds a lover. As she goes starts law school, Elle struggles to fit in, but what she learns is that she doesn't need to fit in, all she needs is to be herself, then happiness and success will follow. Eventually, she finds a new guy, who accepts her for who she is and treats her right. This wraps the movie up and helps make it light hearted by showing that loving yourself is just as important as

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