Romans And The New Testament Of The Bible Essay

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Romans is found in the New Testament of the Bible. It is a letter to the church of Rome written by the Apostle Paul. He had not yet been to the church of Rome when he wrote this letter around 56 A.D. It is believed that Paul was in Corinth when he was writing Romans. This was the third and the last missionary journey of Paul. This book provides a thorough understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the ten years prior to the book of Romans, Paul founded churches throughout the Mediterranean World. The church of Rome, however, was not founded by Paul. This was the only church that Paul addressed by letter that he did not found. At the time Paul wrote Romans, Nero was the emperor of the land. He had succeeded Claudius as the ruler of Rome. Though the rulers following Caesar and Octavian were less talented, there were benefits during their reign. In this time period, A.D. 14-68, the city of Rome grew steadily. This growth was in size and influence. The people moved into the capital city to give themselves the opportunity to get centered around politics, commerce, travel, and culture. It is not surprising that Paul was trying to connect with Rome. During this era, it was a city of influence. His goal in writing Romans was to gain support for his trip to the West and share the Gospel. There are two hypotheses that are given in the Harper’s Bible Commentary centered around the book of Romans. The first hypothesis is the “Roman Exile Hypothesis.” This hypothesis defends that…

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