Roman Values Of Ancient Roman Society Essay examples

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In similarity to most aspects of ancient Roman society, the process of political appointments were based on longstanding tradition, or at least the impression of tradition. With an importance stressed on the individual, rather that political affiliations, the way that a Roman would prepare himself for office was with the building of his public reputation. Much of the identity for the elite Roman man was based on deep rooted ideals of honor and masculinity, but these were arguably not the most important aspects of a politician’s public persona. A politician was expected to embody all that was Roman, and this had very few exceptions. Although many men would go about this in their own particular way there were four specific aspects that would help sculpt this ideal; successful military service, elite family lineage, an emphasis on classical studies, and vast personal wealth. Through service in the military, a Roman man could either cement or destroy his future reputation. Roman values for men were squarely in line with that of military success, and so military leadership many times translated smoothly into political office. This is especially the case for men who may have not had the same oratorical skills and debating skills as their countrymen. One of the most infamous examples of this can be seen throughout the life of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, more commonly known as Pompey. While Pompey did come from a Patrician family, all sources lead to the idea that he was not a gifted…

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