The Importance Of Roman Tribunes In Julius Caesar

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A long time ago in Rome, they had tribunes. They were called Roman Tribunes, to be exact. Roman Tribunes were very common and important back in those times. Roman Tribunes also play a big part in the Shakespearean play, Julius Caesar. Roman Tribunes were basically like the military people of Rome back in the old Roman days. If fact it was around the year 490 BCE. So sit back and enjoy the ride as we find out what Roman Tribunes are and how they apply to the Shakespearean play, Julius Caesar.

As previously said, Roman Tribunes were a pretty big deal back then. At first, they were chosen and/or approved by the king. That quickly was changed after a few differences in their colony. Since it changed, they Roman Tributes were usually, if not
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When Roman Tribunes first started, there were three legions. The three legions were called the Ramnes, Luceres, and Tities. Each of those legions had six people in it. They soon decided to divide them up into three different sections. Each tribune would be sorted into which division they fitted …show more content…
Well, the play was based off of that time. Julius Caesar is about a man named, of course, Julius Caesar. He had just defeated a very famous man and was asked to come back to Rome. The Romans were ecstatic about his return. Except for three men by the names of Casca, Cassius, and Brutus. They gets even angrier when they found out the news that their very own “fiend”, Julius Caesar, was going to be crowned king of Rome. They didn 't like that at all, so they started thinking of ways to stop Caesar from becoming King. They come up with the idea of writing a bunch of letters bragging on someone else so that the people of Rome might pick the person that they are bragging on, rather than Julius Caesar. The men loathe Caesar so much to the point that they talked about taking their own life to spare them from having Caesar as king. They all think that Julius Caesar is this big and bad, horrible man who is full of bad intent. At the beginning of this play, we don 't know whether or not for sure if Caesar is truly a wicked man or not. When Julius Caesar arrives in Rome, he looks slightly angry. He gets offered the crown and title of kind not once, not twice, but THREE times. Caesar denies the crown and title each time!! Of course, Cassius and Casca come up with loads of excuses why Caesar is still bad and up to no good with terrible intentions. After Julius Caesar is offered the title and crown and then

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