Why Marullus And Flavian Are Worried About Caesar?

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There are many different types of tribunes. There are Military Tribunes, Roman Tribunes,

Consular Tribunes, and Plebeian Tribunes. I will cover all of the important Tribunes. The main

Tribune I will be discussing is the Roman Tribune. The word Tribune comes from the word

Tribe. Today I will be discussing the Roman Tribune and their role in society. I will also be

discussing Why Marullus and Flavian are worried about Caesar. In this paper I will hit on some

important facts about the Roman Tribune and some of the other tribunes and why Flavian and

Marullus are so worried about Caesar.

I have organized my paper into six sections. The first portion of my essay discusses

information about an Roman Tribune and details covering the topic.
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Lastly, the sixth section discusses why Marullus and Flavian

are worried about Caesar. My paper is filled with lots of detail and an intriguing amount of

information, that you probably did not know.

A Roman Tribune is an official in ancient Rome chosen by the plebeians to protect their

interests. Also in other words, a Roman legionary officer. Tribunus, in English tribune, was the

title of various elected officials in Ancient Rome. The interplay between Tribunes and Senate is

important to the understanding of the more famous events of the Republican period. The passing

of the socially oriented Agrarian Laws of the Gracchi brothers or Julius Caesar’s excuse for

waging war on the Senate when it kicked out the Tribunes he had sent. There were two most

important tribunes called, tribunes of plebs and the military tribunes. (ARTICLE TRIBUNE

WIKIPEDIA). The three original tribes were the Ramnes or Ramnenses, Tities or Titienses, and

the Luceres.

A little bit about the history of tribes is the word tribe means viewed, historically as a social

group existing before the development of, or outside of, states. Back in the old days, there were

tons of tribes, tribes with all different nationalities. There are not too many tribes now, as
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The tribunes nominated the centurions, and assigned each to the company to

which he belonged to. (TRIBUNESANDTRIUMPS.ORG). At first the tribunes were chosen the

commanders­in­chief, by the kings and consuls; but during the days of the republic, when the

patrician power was pre­eminent, they were elected by the people, which were the Roman

citizens. No one was eligible to be the Senate if they had not served in the infantry or five in the


Marullus and Flavius are alarmed at Caesar’s triumphant return after defeating his rival and

former co­ruler at Pompey. The victory they had, celebrated with great procession, leaves Caesar

as the single most powerful man in Rome, and Marallus and Flavius are concerned that he might

go on to impose one­man rule. (ENOTES.COM). Marullus and Flavius attempting to reestablish

civil order. But it’s too late, there is craziness going on in the streets. The Tribune 's call the

commanders to identify themselves in terms of their occupations. Flavius and Marullus are just

jealous of Caesar. They do not want him to be the head of everybody. They want to be in

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