Papacy Influence

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The leader of the Roman Catholic Church is the most well-known religious leader in the world today. The office of the Pope was instituted early in the history of the Church. The Papacy was established much later. The leader of the church in Rome was a Bishop as was customary in the early church. In its origin the office of the Pope was not unlike any other office in church leadership, the term was not used exclusively at the church in Rome nor did it convey any special authority not available to the bishop of any other church in the empire. The term “Pope” is derived from the Greek word pappa a term of admiration for “father.” This term was little used in the Western Empire outside of Rome, the church there being originally Greek speaking. …show more content…
The papacy was able to maintain this leadership until the time of the challenges by men such as Martian Luther and what became known as the Reformation. The church rose to power in the Roman Empire over a period of time in which the church developed its infrastructure, solidified its beliefs, and thrived amid persecution. The church was in the position to fill the gap in the power vacuum left by the failing Roman Empire. The ability of the Bishop of Rome many times to assert a measure of authority over other bishops assisted them in securing the position as the head of the church. They became endeared by the people when they provided support in times of trouble, such as the sacking of Rome or relocation of the capital. The church commonly called the Catholic Church was and is headed by a man who fills the office of Pope, he has a great responsibility and a great duty not only to man, but also to God. In the centuries before the Reformation the church and thereby the popes have accomplished many great things for Christianity and have also, at times, failed miserably. It is important to remember the person of the Pope is just that a person, fallible and fallen as all men are. The Papacy today is very different from the one in the time period from the founding of the church to the Reformation. Much of the controversy of the church’s practices and doctrines occurred during this time, as the church formed and grew with in Christianity so too the papacy grew within the church. As with all growth process there are things which can cause pride or

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