Roman Catholic And Orthodox Church Essay

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As the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches dominate the religious beliefs of today, their beginnings were set in an important period and they were both powerful and accomplished.
Society between these two, was supported by their community. Respectably, society in these churches are comprised of their beliefs, services, government, literature, icons, and clergy. As religion is at the center of every community, the Catholic and Orthodox churches held fast to their beliefs. Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians ultimately believe in a monotheistic life and life after death. They also used religion to unite the empire. Similarly, Roman and Orthodox Christians understand that Jesus was born from a virgin, murdered, and resurrected. As well, holding the Bible and ten commandments as truth. Although in the way the trinity was explained, the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches had differing views. As the Roman Catholic church centered on the Trinity’s unity of essence, the Eastern Orthodox church focused on personhood of each member of the Trinity (2). Continuing, these churches were not able to agree on the nature of original sin. Sufficiently, the differences in religion between the Catholic and Orthodox churches are important. Decidedly, the services in each church was essential to their customs. The Eastern Orthodox and Catholic church both practice the same seven sacraments, which are baptism, confirmation, penance, communion, marriage, holy orders, and the anointing…

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