Roles Of Education In Education

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Education, or rather being an educator is one of history’s oldest professions. Perhaps not like it is today with rules and regulations, but the idea of teaching one person from another has existed, arguably since the beginning of written language and critical thinking. Those who taught well always looked to find the best ways to teach. The best roles of teachers, the most advantageous to be taught, and the optimal environment of learning. Atop this list, it is almost beneficial for an educator to understand their own ideal way of learning; as without the ability to further one’s own learning, there can be no way of expending upon other’s.
The first concept is the role of a teacher in their classroom. Now, a classroom is not merely a room in
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Students spends normally five days a week in school; mastering science without the proper human interaction skills will not further a student 's future in the work force. Continuing on with the last sentence’s thought as a crude, but hopefully effective point: if a student, who indeed mastered science in high school continues into higher education, where he or she must work with others on perhaps an important scientific project, but has no good comunication skills, problems will arise and he or she may be kicked out of a project. This example, although a bit extreme, illustrates that education and knowledge is not the only important skills learned in schools, that the proper interactions with other people must be taught or reinforced. The subject matter in schools needs to be expanded, to include technology courses, a true to life human biology course (school appropriate of course), and perhaps an ethics class or even a communication class, like those seen in higher …show more content…
The beliefs I hold are this: everyone has the right to an education, students deserve fair treatment, and teachers should not be forced to teach things becuase of state standardized testing. The latter of the two is only thing I have not seen the book or any activity touch on, in fact, the book almost makes it seem that testing students and teachers is the best way to promote education. It is my belief that although state standardised tests are helpful to see the whole of the state, it should not be held against a student or a teacher. I believe that proper teaching takes years, which is why students must attend school until 12th grade. I also believe that learning does not stop after K-12 or higher education, schooling was designed to prompt learning and to better society. Based on this, my teacher’s philosophy and my beliefs are that teachers should prompt learning and help guide students, even after those students have graduated and moved on with their lives, the knowledge they gained in school should make them want to learn further and throughout their

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