American Women's Wartime Dress Analysis

Have your parents told you that they have high expectation on your life because you are a boy? Do they hope you can marry with a good husband who loves you if you are a girl? Before we are born, genes help people to select the gender and people cannot have a chance to decide our sex. Also, people decide to separate the roles between man and women. Roles can help people to find the right positions that people can work with their own abilities. For example, the male police officers can protect people and create safety and the female police officer can give the advice to people when they see people start a conflict. The male and women teachers have their way to teach knowledge and help their students to develop their brain and students can …show more content…
My opponents often commit the fallacy of ad hominem when several people decide to do a group work together. For instance, a girl named Jane who needs to work a project with several guys together in the school. Because they can not finish the work on time, they complain about that Jane does nothing because she is a girl. The truth is Jane’s groupmates do not understand the instruction and they refuse to listen to Jane’s idea. In fact, women can do the work as men and they have their own potential. In the article “American Women’s Wartime Dress: Sociocultural Ambiguity Regarding Women’s Roles During World War II”, Hall, Martha L., Belinda T. Orzada, and Dilia Lopez- Gydosh say that “Doris Weatherford, in her book about American women during World War II, describes the cultural precedence set with First World War. The exodus of American men to fight in Europe caused a drain on domestic labor. Consequences, the US government actively solicited women to join the workforce, and fill in vacant jobs deemed “appropriate”for women, such as clerical work and nursing.”( Hall, Martha L. , Belinda T. Orzada, and Dilia Lopez- Gydosh.) The authors prove that women are very helpful in the period of the World War II. Because the men need to go to the front lines for fighting, all jobs positions are empty. To support the economic system and makes it functions well, the government decided to let women replace to the men until the war ends. Women should their responsibility and enthusiasm in the works. Actually, women in the factory can use the machine well to make the products after someone teaches women about the instruction of the Machine. For instance, my friend’s sister likes to fix the machine at home because she has the interested to make a machine. After she graduated from college, she chooses to become a

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