Role Of The Press And Our Role As News Consumers Essay

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These activities will help you learn more about bias, the role of the press and our role as news consumers.

1. Explore the idea of bias through a class exercise. On the board or on pieces of paper around the room, write the names of types/groups of people at your school. Then give students 10 minutes to walk around the room and write the adjectives they associate with these labels. Have a class discussion about the words that emerge. Which are positive? Which are negative? Are the students biased toward or against certain types/groups? Why? How do their own background and identity shape the words they listed under each label?

2. The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press is an independent, nonpartisan public opinion research organization. Explore the findings from the Pew Research Center’s poll measuring Americans’ opinions of the news media. (You can find the full report here: Create a 15-minute presentation for your classmates on the five poll results that you find most interesting. Create graphs or other visual aids to illustrate the numbers. For each number/trend you share, offer your hypothesis for the poll results.

3. Choose the 10 questions from the Pew Research Center’s poll on public perceptions of the media that you find most interesting. (You can find the full report here: Conduct a poll of your class’s responses to these 10 questions and create charts or graphs of the results.…

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