Role Of The Coach Important For A Child Development Essay

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Arguably the most important goal for a coach to achieve is to prevent children dropping out of football whilst maintaining enjoyment and increasing performance levels. Organised youth sport programmes see an average dropout rate of 35% a year (Gould & Petlichkoff, 1988). There’s a variety reasons for increased participation in sport, such as availability of facilities and family support however not every child is lucky enough to benefit from this, making the role of the coach vitally important.

Positive Youth Development
Effective coaching is of such high significance as it encourages positive development in a child. The main areas of youth development as presented by The National Research Council and Institute of Medicine (NRCIM, 2002) are physical, intellectual, psychological and social. Physical benefits include lower body fat percentage, improved motor skills, enhanced aerobic fitness and stronger bones, muscles and joints (Fraser-Thomas, Côté & Deakin, 2005). Psycho-behavioural benefits include increased confidence, happiness, improved quality of life and reduced depression (Fraser-Thomas, Côté & Deakin, 2005). The NRCIM, (2002) believe eight fundamental features are prevalent in children’s positive development (Table 1).
A list known as the five C’s (Table 2) was developed by Lerner et al., (2000) and it portrays five outcomes of youth development.
Lerner et al., (2000) propose that if an appropriate setting is created by those involved in a child’s development,…

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