Role of Media in Nations Building Essay

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Presentation to “National Dialogue on Media Development”

By Brig Gen Richard Rutatina
(Jtcc, psc, fwc, MB,ChB,(MUK), MA, Intern.Affrs.(U.of Gha.), MSC, Strat.Studies.(Ibadan), MSC, Glob.Secty.(Cranfield)

Defence and security Advisor

Nation building an on-going process for any country, not limited to the developing countries or post-conflict and post-colonial countries. An imperative for all countries that need to survive and gain prominence in the community of nations.  While nation building is guided and directed by the political leadership, various actors contribute significantly to the process of nation building. Media is one of the major actors which
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To play a major role in deception of the enemy. To supplement intelligence collection efforts.

Aim at influencing change, attitudes, principles, decision-making and behaviour. Represents a functional organism that carries out a specific role in a society. Media provides checks and balances in relation to the three branches/arms of the government. Media enable people to understand and appreciate their environment and facilitate relationship between and among individuals and societies. Mass media proven to be veritable instrument of political mobilization. The media creates awareness for both immediate environment and outside world.

Media as an instrument of National power and Foreign Policy
 Information is one of the instruments of National power and Foreign policy.  Others are – Diplomacy, Economy and Military.

 CNN is now regarded as the sixth permanent member of the UN Security Council.  Facebook is third largest ‘nation’ in the world in terms of followers, but with no land to defend and a citizenry not bound by any government.  This shows how powerful the media is and therefore should never abuse its power.

Concept of Nation Building
Nation-building- the process of equipping the nation with institutional foundation necessary to increase their capacity to effectively assert self-governing powers on behalf of their own political, economic, social and cultural objectives. Four core elements of a nation-building;  Genuine self-rule,

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