Theme Of Marriage In The Canterbury Tales

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In the canterbury tales by Geoffrey Chaucer marriage is a very important topic. Most of the tales mainly focus on marriage, and also focuses on how a women should be in marriage. However the tales focus more on women 's role in marriage, not men. In most of the tale the men do no wrong, and they will not be judge. But women like the wife of bath, who had five husbands, is judge and is wanted by society. In the middle ages women are likely to be judge on their actions. Women were suppose to be virtuous, loyal honest to the husband. The characters telling the tales are mostly men, and in their tales they are perceived as the innocent ones and use the excuse of love to cover up their actions.
In the scholar 's tale, a young prince by the name of Walter ruled a magnificent region called saluzzo in Italy. He is handsome, strong, honourable, courteous and prudent in ruling his country. All his citizens are obedient to him rich and poor. He was feared and loved by both lords and commoners. Walter gave no thought of his future, he was concerned with hunting and hawking the country, but no thought of a wife. One day his people went to him and one man who the prince Walter listened to most, asked him with sincerity in his heart
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He says “I ask if you are prepared to carry out my every wish without demur; I may be free to do whatever seems best to me whether it brings you happiness or pain; that you never at any time murmur or protest; that when I say Yes you do not say no by either a word or frown. Swear this and I shall swear to our alliance here and now.” Griselda with confusion responded “Whatever you wish shall be my wish. I shall never willfully disobey you in thought or indeed, though it cost me my life; and I have no wish to die.” He is satisfied with her answer, and announces to the kingdom that Griselda is his wife. And tells them to love and honour

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