Character Analysis Essay On Julius Caesar

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Brutus – The One to Lead Them All William Shakespeare was one of the greatest playwrights of all time. His plays are known worldwide, and studied by scholars everywhere. One of Shakespeare 's favourite categories of plays was his tragedies. While some of these plays were completely fictional, others were based on historical figures. One, in particular, is Julius Caesar. Despite the title, however, it is safe to say that while Caesar was a character of great importance, he was surely not the most influential character of the play. Instead, the stoic and thoughtful Brutus was perhaps the most significant character in Julius Caesar, as his leadership drove the assassination to success, his mistakes cost the conspirators their lives, and his character’s changes influenced all his choices. Brutus’ role as an orator meant that he held great power in …show more content…
In 1.3, Casca explains: “Oh, he sits high in all the people’s hearts, / And that would appear offence in us, / His countenance, like richest alchemy, / Will change to virtue and to worthiness.” (167-170). For the conspiracy, enlisting Brutus’ help and getting to act as their leader will be of great use, seemingly turning their cruel deed of killing Caesar into a praised act of justice, just like magic. Ironically, his analogy of alchemy foreshadows Brutus’ failure of convincing the plebeians, as it is impossible. As the play goes on, it is shown that by 2.1, that the conspirators have been successful in convincing Brutus to become their leader, showing acts of leadership throughout the scene: “No, not an oath. If not the face of men, / The sufferance of our souls, the time’s abuse,-” (119-120). This quote is evidence that Brutus is already establishing control over the conspirators. He is already deciding on their actions. He shows his leadership yet again in the same act soon after his speech about their hearts, when

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