Mutating Threat Summary

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In “Terrorism: What’s Coming the Mutating Threat,” Rohan Gunaratna offer seven main strategic counterterrorism response as a way to move past terrorism. The ideological response deals with two main components. First it aims at getting the community itself more engaged. With an overall objective of bringing the government and the Muslim communities together as a way of getting rid of the gap between the two groups. The second response is known as the educational response. The response is easy to understand by not so easy to conduct as it depends on establishing relationships which may a complicated process. The goal of such response is to be capable of investing in the community relationships and the public education initiatives (Future Trends …show more content…
In almost every terrorist act there are certain activities that take place and those include; initial and final surveillance, reconnaissance and rehearsal, and last but not least execution. It is also interesting to consider that most of the activities that help the attack take place are often not subject of crime with the exception of the execution itself. Keeping this mind, in order to make sure that justice is well establish we must come up with the key counterterrorism legislation, have judges well-trained, but go further into forming special courts that will be focus entirely on the trying’s of terrorism cases (Future Trends PowerPoint, slide …show more content…
These being said one of the most effective approaches for dealing with such issue would be using the informatics response that focuses on using the internet as a means of comprehending what terrorist think like in terms of not only ideals, but also in how they plan to act. If we become capable of predicting their act, we can become better at preventing the violence before it even initiates. But overall between the three distinct approaches I think the most appropriate one would be use the seven strategic counterterrorism responses as they are more well-developed than the other two approaches. I also strongly believe that these responses touch base on many of the previous readings from this course that depict some of the main issues within terrorism, some which include but are not limited to: the effect of media, internet, and finance. These strategies also offer a way of dealing with lone wolf terrorist as they in able us to also by a means of the using the internet learning how this terrorist think and predict when they are most likely to attack. By enacting the principle that focuses on getting the community more involved and trained on possible terrorism threats we can make sure individuals are better equipped for handling situations with these type of terrorist, and furthermore being capable of identifying such radicalization and lone wolf terrorist (Future Trends PowerPoint,

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