Summary: Roell Customer Services

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Roell Customer Services is a Canadian based company providing services such as customer care to mid-size businesses. Roell provides outsourced solutions and services to businesses who specifically desire twenty-four-seven, high quality servicing. Serving the province of Ontario, Roell accommodates any business needs such as providing their service in both Canadian French and English dialect.
The advantages for insourcing includes complete control and overview of the process. Disadvantages are that it requires higher volumes, higher investment and dedicated equipment. For outsourcing the advantages are cost savings, gain outside experience, improving operations and services, focusing on core competencies and gain outside technology.
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Looking at the total cost, it shows that outsourcing will be the cheaper option. This would be a yearly savings of $412,000 if outsourced. These savings come from the variable cost and through equipment cost. With outsourcing the equipment cost is handled by the call centre in India.
When outsourcing the call center to India it will save the company money annually but there are also some disadvantages as well. There will be a decrease in customer satisfaction due to language barriers, and an increase in escalations and duration time spent on the calls will also increase as well. Hopefully in the future the call center will gain the experience and the expertise to increase productivity to maximize the company’s success.

Four Performance Criterias:
After doing some research on the contact (call) centre industry, there are few performance dimensions or criterias to consider for either in-house sourcing or outsourcing. There are four to mention that keep appearing in articles repeatedly; response time, abandon rate, first call resolution and call
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The more customers a call centre can assist, the more the company profits. If employees are knowledgeable of the products and services they provide, the duration of each call will become condensed. In Canada, our second language is French, creating a language barrier for Indian agents when outsourcing. The customer service agents will be fluent in English, but most likely not in French. French speaking customers will come across a language barrier creating a prolonged call duration. In sourcing the call centre will benefit the company for more agents will be able to provide service in French. This is beneficial for the company the duration of calls will become shortened, allowing agents to assist more customers creating improved customer

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