Robert Morris's Contribution To The American Revolution

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Robert Morris, although not as famous as his friend George Washington, he contributed a great amount of effort to the American Revolution. As a self made millionaire, he helped the Revolution by providing much of the needed finances.
Robert Morris was born in Liverpool Lancashire to Robert Morris Sr., and Elizabeth Murphet on January 31, 1734. He never knew his mother and was mainly raised by his grandmother. Robert’s father gave up his career as a nail maker and decided that he needed a change. When Robert Morris Jr was 13, him and his father moved to Oxford, Maryland. His father who was now a tobacco exporter, hired a tutor for his son so that he could learn everything about his father’s business. Later on, Robert Greenway (a good friend
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In the spring of 1781, the treasury was nearly empty, they had a debt of about 2.5 million, and the soldiers were desperate for their pay. The situation seemed hopeless and it seemed as if the revolution might be over until Robert Morris decided to issue his own notes totaling about $140,000. This helped supply the army for the next couple of months, and the revolution went on.
In 1784, Robert Morris resigned his office after letting go all his obligations given on account of the government. He then went back to his private business. He was the first American citizen who ever sent to Canton an American vessel. This was in 1784, and Robert Morris continued for many years to carry on extensive commerce from China and India. Robert Morris was critiqued about his war efforts and accused of war profiteering, but his reputation was cleared when the Congress looked into his accounts. He played a major role at the 1787 Constitutional Convention and eventually became on of Pennsylvania’s first senators.
Robert Morris was always willing to help out his friend George Washington. When George Washington was elected to become the first president, there was no White House. Robert Morris invited George Washington and his family to move to his mansion where Washington ended up staying there for 2
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Robert Morris writes in his diary, "I have tried in vain, to get a room exclusively to myself, and hope to be able to do so in a few days, but at a high rent which I am unable to bear. Then I may set up a bed in it, and have a chair or two and a table, and so be made comfortable. Now I am very uncomfortable, for I have no particular place allotted me. I feel like an intruder everywhere; sleeping in other people 's beds, and sitting in other people 's rooms. I am writing on other people 's paper with other people 's ink. The pen is my own. That and the clothes I wear are all that I can claim as mine here." He trusted his money and his own predictions and therefore his life did not end as he would have liked. Although he accomplished much in his life, what matters most is how he ended

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