Essay about Robert Frost 's The Road Not Taken

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Everyone has or will meet some crosses and turn points on the road of their life that they have to choose one from the other. An individual may deal with the same situation in a completely opposite way to others and his choice probably will result in a distractive future. For example, our ancestor’s choice of leaving Africa and migrating to other continents causes a multicultural world with multiplicity and complexity. The Road Not Taken” is one of the most famous poems Robert Frost composed in the year 1916; written in pentameter five feet includes four stanzas of five lines for each with the basic rhyme of ABAAB. The poet recalled a choice he made between “two roads diverged in a yellow wood”; his struggles about the future and self-examination after it. Under the honest and sincere words, poet tried to show us the meaning of choice with the remarkable applying of poetry techniques including allusion, simile, paradox and metaphor. Robert Frost is one of the most popular, provocative and greatest poet of the twentieth century of America. He was born in 1874, published his first poem at the age of twenty-one and left plenty of masterpieces until he died in 1963. Life is very harsh to Frost: his father and wife all pass away before him; he worked for several colleges and tried to heavily work; he always felt isolated because he cannot find a friend who can really understand him. These factors effects his poem a lot, the imagery of whittled left, rain and snow what…

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