Analysis Of Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Day By Robert Frost

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In Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Day”, Frost speaks of a person’s journey, in which he reconsiders the decision of the journey more than one time. At first, I thought the piece of poetry was quite simple, but then I realized what the speaker was doing. The speaker, using an iambic structure, tells us how keeping your mind set on your destination can help you to get there, however, sometimes we get fearful of what may happen for doing it but we can get even more fearful of what may happen if we do not do it. He also tells this throughout the poem by the use literary devices of personification and repetition.
In this piece of poetry, the speaker seems to be a person who has just begun a journey. This journey seems to be unexpected
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Overall, the poem has four stanzas, each containing four lines. Also, each line in the poem contains eight syllables. Frost does use a rhyme scheme of A, A, B, A throughout the whole poem. For example, “Whose woods these are I think I know. (A)/ His house is in the village though; (A)/ He will not see me stopping here (B)/ to watch his woods fill with snow (A). Frost uses that particular scheme to set up the next stanza. Also, throughout the poem, Frost uses personification. In the poem, the horse was used as an excuse for the speaker’s own ideas. The speaker does this by giving his horse the characteristic of conciseness and awareness thinking it was “queer/ to stop without a farmhouse near.” (Line 5-6) The author says this because of wanting to give an image of how strange and dark, yet lovely the woods are. He uses this image to portray the idea of a last moment thought of consideration. However, Frost turns it around when he uses repetition in the last stanza of the poem. At this point in the poem, the speaker has already considered the negative about going on this journey but now he realizes that he must carry on. In the poem, Frost says “And miles to go before I sleep/ And miles to go before I sleep.” (Lines 15-16) Having traveled so turning back would have been and waste. Also, Frost used repetition as a point of

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