Robert Frost 's After Apple Picking Essays

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Robert Frost, one of the most celebrated poets of America, was born on March 26th 1874 in California. Frost was a great poet who received more than 40 honorary degrees. He has written several poems amidst which two of his interesting poems of the same era are “After Apple Picking” and “Out, Out”. These poems were published in his collections North of Boston in 1915 and Mountain Interval in 1916 respectively. Both of these poems are truly realistic and are about everyday jobs required for survival. Even though Robert Frost’s “After Apple-Picking” and “Out,Out” revolve around the rural country life, they possess different scenarios, they have differed in the usage of imagery, symbols, and figurative language to make the work highly detailed and realistic.
Both of these poems discuss issues that happen in work which make the themes of the poems alike. Basically, the theme of the poems is the end of life. “After Apple Picking” is all about an old man, fatigued and worn-out of harvesting apples all his life. This poem shows the audience about the man’s obsession for apples. He is so obsessed with apples that he is getting disturbed with it even during his sleep. On the other hand, “Out,Out” is about a young boy, who works on a farm cutting firewood with a buzz saw. He is young, though he works for survival in a rural area, living with his family. Frost’s poems drive towards harsh realities of hard work in country life. On one side, is a man, who has worked his entire life…

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